6 Ways To Get Your Business Off The Ground

Starting a business is rife with ups and downs, where you encounter new challenges every step of the way. However, there are a couple of things you can do to gain an advantage in today’s ultra competitive market. Here are some advice on how to make your startup flourish into a thriving profitable business.

6) Make Monday your favorite day of the week.

The very first thing you need to realize is that starting a business off the ground is going to involve a lot of unglamorous work, so you better be really passionate about what you are doing. Finding something you are really passionate about helps a lot because it is going to make you look forward to Mondays. Remember that you are going to spend almost all your waking hours working on your business, so you better be thrilled to go to work every morning.

5) Sell things you would buy yourself.

Testing the market and tweaking what you have to offer takes a lot of effort, time and resources. A faster and cleaner path would be to sell things you would buy for yourself. Most people who are interested in your industry or niche are likely going to want to buy the same stuff you want for yourself, so rather than try to design the product by committee or consensus, come up with a product on your own, for your own use.

4) Radiate enthusiasm in all that you do.

Accept the fact that everyone, whether they be your customers, investors or employees, will be judging your startup and telling you all the ways it could go wrong. You should be strong and enthusiastic enough to turn around any negativity you may encounter along the way. Do not be afraid to put your product and service out there to be judged by everyone around you. Remember that as an entrepreneur, you should always be selling.

3) Focus on stuff that matters.

Spending too much time on administrative tasks like organizing an office or drafting documents is actually counterproductive to your business goals. What you should do is to eliminate or delegate unimportant tasks and focus instead on product-market fit. Other areas of your business do not matter if you do not have something that people want to buy.

2) Prioritize customer delight.

Who is your competition and what are they all about? How can you make a more emotional and compelling connection with your audience? How can you deliver a better end-user experience? These are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself.

1) Have some fun.

Strive for a work environment where your workers are happy and driven to do exceptional work. Integrate fun into your company’s culture through fun outings, happy hours or quirky events. If you want to build a solid team then make sure that your office is a fun and engaging place to work on.

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