8 Interesting Ways to Get Rid of a Headache

Sometimes hearing the word headache itself can make us agitated. When the beginning of a headache is sensed, our whole body can start to shake with the jitters until the headache finds its way out. Stress, tension, restlessness and lack of sleep are the most common ways of gaining a headache. According to a research study, 5 out of 10 humans encountering acute and severe headaches actually have migraines and don’t realize it. Some of the following methods will help you liberate such hardship.

8) Water

Humans are made up of mostly water and drinking it is very important. Most people do not drink enough water daily and this can cause a number of health issues. Interestingly enough, drinking water is one of the most natural and profound formulas to help you get rid of and prevent headaches. Dehydration is the main concern here, and is a one of the most common reasons that cause us to have headaches. It is recommended that we drink 8 8-ounce glasses of water per day!

7) Caffeine

Are you a heavy coffee or tea drinker? Do you drink caffeine regularly? If you do, you may actually be addicted to caffeine. Many people do not realize it but one the biggest symptoms of headaches is caffeine withdrawal! If you are a big drinker and you skip your tea or coffee one day, you will notice a headache starting to come that is your body going into withdrawal. Drink some caffeine and you will be back to normal!

6) Juices/Vitamins

Natural Juices high in vitamins (Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid) are another way of battling a headache. Juices are an alternate form of water, and they can provide nutrients and vitamins which your body could be missing which can result in the eliminating your headache. Due to this, natural juices (not the sugar water that passes as juice) are highly effective and recommended during headaches.

5) Massages

The idea here might sound cliche, but surprisingly head massages are one of the essential and most effective treatments for headaches. Head massages can calm your nerves when they are crippling or assist your head in gaining stability and firmness. Try massaging your head behind the upper back of your ears in a counter clock wise direction. If you can get someone else to massage your head, due so and tell them Stay Energetic said they must! Massaging is also a great help when you are under stress and removing stress will prevent your headache from becoming more severe.

4) Sleep

Another way of getting rid of headaches is to sleep. A good nap can be all it takes to get rid of the misery and tensions of a headache. Sometimes not getting enough sleep can be the biggest cause of headaches. In times of pain and misery, you just need to get in bed and shut your eyes so that you will be in the finest of health.

3) Apples

An apple is a man’s best friend. It is also rightfully said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are a great way to remove your stress. If you want to battle headaches or even prevent them from happening incorporate apples into your diet. I guarantee the results will be promising and you won’t be needing aspirins anymore.

2) Almonds/Nuts

Almonds and other nuts have proven to be highly effective during headaches. They have strong and somewhat fast effects that will certainly give you relief from any sort of pain. Bet you didn’t know that? By having a few almonds each night as a snack before bed, you may decrease the chances of you getting a headache during work the next day!

1) Ice Packs

Ice packs are a traditional and yet extremely effective and promising way to recover from a headache. During summers in particular, heat may be the sole reason for the pain in your head. Also, statistically speaking headache complaints are higher during the summer time. So to overcome this situation, you need to stock up on ice packs. Place an ice pack on your head and you will feel an instant wave of relief. It’s a trusted and experienced formula that you are guaranteed to benefit from.


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