7 Ways To Help Prevent Hair Loss

One of the most obvious traits that sets humans apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is hair. We have more hair on our heads than anywhere else on our bodies and like other animals, we use our hair as a way to adorn and express ourselves. Unfortunately many of us have a tendency to lose our hair. But never fear! Even if you are genetically predisposed to hair loss, there are ways to keep more of your hair for longer. And if hair loss is not genetic in your family, these tips will ensure that your hair is your lifelong companion.

7) Hot Oil Treatment

Circulation in the scalp is important for maintaining good hair follicle health, and hot oil can enhance circulation in the scalp. Use a treatment from the drugstore, have your hairdresser do it, or look up a DIY hot oil treatment. Many websites suggest using coconut, olive, or almond oil.

6) Quit Smoking

Among its many other health detriments, smoking has been linked to hair loss in both men and women. This is likely because smoking can inhibit circulation, including circulation to the scalp. So ditch the cigs for the sake of your lungs and your locks.

5) Got Dandruff? Get Rid Of It

Dandruff is caused by yeast buildup on the scalp, which irritates the skin causing it to flake off. The same yeast is linked to testosterone formation in the hair follicles, which has been linked to hair loss. A dandruff shampoo can help kick that yeast to the curb, keeping your follicles testosterone free and your hair firmly in place. This tip isn’t just for men. Women naturally produce small amounts of testosterone too and their hair can be affected by it.

4) De-Stress

We’ve all seen the cartoons where a character under great stress starts ripping their hair out. In reality, the stress will do that for you. Stress is the worst. Just about every list of health tips you read will have an entry on stress no matter what the health problem being addressed is. Hair loss is no exception. So if hair loss has you worried, try a scalp massage. It will bring your stress levels down while simultaneously increasing circulation in the scalp, which you will recall from item one on this list is also helpful in hair loss prevention.

3) Go Natural

A elegant up-do or funky pompadour can make you feel like a star when you’re out on the town, but over-styling and using a lot of product in your hair can stress your strands to the max. Chemical sprays, tough mousses and gels, heat, bleach, colour, and even tightly styled hairdos can put serious wear on your hair causing damage and eventual inevitable hair loss. Products can clog follicles which inhibits regrowth and tight styles literally pull hair out. So keep your style simple, save the beehive for special occasions, and choose a do that requires little or no product to maintain. You might also try using more plant oil-based products rather than sprays with petroleum-derived polymers.

2) Limit Shampoo Use

Everyone’s hair is different but most of us are shampooing our hair too much. Depending on your hair’s natural oil production, you may only need to be shampooing your hair once every two weeks or possibly less! Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, which is funny when you think that after shampooing we usually replace those oils with the artificial ones found in conditioner. Seems a bit redundant. This constant stripping and replacing of oils puts undue stress on our hair and encourages our skin to work overtime producing more oil to replace what was lost. Of course, this oil does need to be cleared away from time to time as it gets old and starts attracting dirt and dust, but a good wash with just warm water should be good enough on most days to keep your hair reasonably clean, provided you don’t use a lot of styling products.

1) Avoid UV Exposure

Just like skin, hair can be damaged by the sun. Those of us with fair hair may notice this in the summertime as our hair becomes lighter with sun exposure. It can be a pretty effect, but that lightening is actually cause by your hair deteriorating. Ultraviolet rays break everything down slowly, but organic tissue like skin and hair show the signs more quickly than that fading plastic lawn furniture that you should really replace. As your hair takes sun damage, it deteriorates until it falls out. So when you’re slopping on the sunscreen at the beach, don’t forget your hat.

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