11 Health Benefits Of Tea

For millennia, the Chinese have shown us that drinking tea has many benefits. From reducing colds to curing hangovers to weight control, they have relied on tea to heal, soothe and inspire. Now, with the aid of modern scientific research, we are able to gain a much better insight as to how tea can positively impact our bodies. Here are some facts from the research:

11) Tea can lower cholesterol.

According to a meta -study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in June 2011, drinking green tea can help lower cholesterol (both total serum cholesterol and LDL). Some sources say consuming five cups of green tea a day will provide results, but according to various studies, higher consumption will lead to a bigger drop in cholesterol. Researchers have found that tea works by inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol from the large intestine.

10) Tea can prevent blindness.

According to a 2001 study, drinking tea, which contains high levels of antioxidants, can prevent blindness caused by cataracts.

9) Lowers cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is said to not only cause your skin to age quicker, it has also been found that it also contributes to belly fat. A recent study suggests that drinking tea at least four cups a day can prevent your cortisol levels from spiking.

8) Tea has anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea has active compounds that help lower inflammation and inflammatory reactions. Studies have shown that almost every modern ailment like arthritis, metabolic syndrome and depression are all linked to inflammation. A 2007 study also found that decreased inflammation levels due to green tea consumption promotes cardiovascular health.

7) Tea helps improve memory, concentration and focus.

Studies have shown that the combination of L-Theanine (a naturally-occurring amino acid found in tea) and caffeine can significantly improve memory and reaction time while also improving concentration and focus.

6) Tea is an anti-allergen.

According to a 2007 Japanese study, a polyphenol found in tea called EGCG can reduce pollen allergies. Tea also has a naturally-occurring flavonol called quercetin which helps mitigate histamine response. You can also add some honey to your tea to double its anti-allergy power.

5) Tea decreases the risk of stroke.

According to a 2009 meta-study, drinking at least three cups of black or green tea everyday can reduce the risk of an ischemic stroke by as much as 21%. Protect yourself earlier by starting a tea habit now.

4) Tea reduces the risk of dementia.

Want to stay sharp even as you age? Then start drinking tea! A 2011 study states that tea lowers the risk of developing dementia by acting through multiple pathways including those of blood sugar regulation and nerve synapses. The same study also states that tea acts on brain theta waves to improve attention span and memory.

3) Tea improves dental health.

According to Japanese researchers, tea improves your dental health by changing the pH inside your mouth while you are drinking it, preventing cavities and decreasing tooth loss. Their research also states that unlike other beverages, tea does not appear to erode tooth enamel.

2) Tea boosts the immune system.

Recent studies have shown that tea can “tune up” immune cells, making them reach their targets faster.

1) Improves overall health.

According to research tea drinkers tend to be healthier than non-tea drinkers as tea drinking correlates with better health results. By just drinking 3-4 cups of this sugar and calorie free drink, supporting your overall health and well-being has never been this soothingly simple.

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