5 Foods that Boost Testosterone

5) Tuna

Tuna, like a lot of other fish, is high in protein but also low in calories. Tuna is full of vitamin D, to the point where a serving of Tuna each day can provide you with enough Vitamin D to complete your daily needs; whether you choose to eat Tuna fresh or canned, it is a great way to boost testosterone. If you aren’t fond of tuna, you can also boost testosterone from other fish such a sardines or salmon. Just be careful with how much omega-3 acids you take in from fish or other food as it could potentially increase the risk of getting prostate cancer.

4) Low Fat Milk

Low-fat milk is a great source for both calcium and protein. It is recommended that people drink milk to strengthen their bones and maintain better bone health. Like a lot of other foods on this list, milk also has a lot of vitamin D which should help to maintain your testosterone levels. Make sure to aim for low-fat or skim versions of milk to avoid a bunch of unneccessary saturated fat and keep your weight in check. Also, be sure to read the carton or bag to confirm that the milk you’re getting has vitamin D in it.

3) Egg Yolks

Egg yolks are yet another great way of getting lots of Vitamin D, getting a bunch of protein, and having a low calorie count. There are a lot of benefits to egg in general; however, egg yolks specifically contain more nutrients than egg whites. Egg yolks do increase cholesterol which can be a bad thing if you have more than 2 a day on a daily basis, but the increase in cholesterol can actually help boost testosterone quite a bit. It is however recommended to stick to only 1 egg a day if you are known to have cholestoral issues.

2) Oysters

One of the essential nutrients for development during puberty is Zinc. While Zinc can be beneficial during development, it can also help maintain male hormones throughout adulthood. Oysters are a very high source of mineral zinc which should help with low testosterone issues. It’s not uncommon for men to be suffering from zinc deficiencies, and Oysters are one of the greatest ways to deal with it!

1) Lobster and Crab

Occasionally having a serving of crab or lobster can boost your testosterone levels. The reason this can be good for your testosterone is because of the zinc content within them. According to the National Institutes of Health & Office of Dietary Supplements, the Alaskan King Crab tops the list with 43% of your daily required zinc in a mere three-ounce serving.

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