5 Reasons Why Protein Is Good For Weight Loss

You might have heard about the low-carb, high-protein diets that is all the rage on the internet. You have probably seen countless fitness coaches and experts claim how protein-rich diets can not only provide you with more energy, but help you lose weight as well. In this article we are going to find out if those claims hold any water.

As mentioned, a lot of studies have suggested that proteins are generally good for the body and aids in weight loss. What you need to realize though is that you need to cook them in a healthy way. Eating lean meat cooked in fatty oils or butter will not only negate your weight loss efforts, it will also be bad for your arteries.

Here are five reasons why protein is good for weight loss.

6) Protein suppresses appetite.

According to research, consuming protein-rich meals leaves people feeling fuller compared to meals which contain less proteins. As protein helps you feel fuller longer compared to carbs or fats, you are more likely to avoid eating in between meals. It is also a proven fact that the more fatty a particular food group is, the less satisfying it is. That is why you still feel hungry even though you just ate a whole bag of potato chips.

5) Protein controls blood sugar swings.

Have you ever experienced coming off a sugar high onto a sugar low and made food decisions (like eating the last two doughnuts in less than five minutes) you later regretted? The reason for this craving is because low blood sugar tends to make you feel hungry even if your last meal was not that long ago. However, if you pair protein with carbohydrate-rich foods, the absorption of sugar from your stomach into the bloodstream slows down, keeping your blood sugar from soaring and warding off future cravings.

4) You burn more calories when digesting protein.

TEF or thermic effect of food is the caloric cost of digesting and processing food into small absorbable components. Compared to fats and carbs, protein has five times greater thermic effect which means that you actually burn more calories when digesting and processing protein.

3) Protein promotes fat burning.

It is a scientific fact that our body needs protein and carbohydrate to burn fat. As we lose both muscle and fat when we lose weight, it is especially important that we continue to consume enough protein to fuel fat burning while preserving our lean muscle as well.

2) Protein promotes muscle growth.

One of the best ways to lose weight is by getting fitter. More lean muscle means higher metabolism which in turn means more excess fat burned from your body. A simple way to achieve that is by consuming protein which directly promotes muscle growth at a cellular level. Be careful not to eat too much protein though as it can have the same effect as excess fat or carbs.

1) Protein makes you healthier.

Dieting can cause a weakened immune system so make sure to consume enough protein as it helps in defending the body against viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells. Researchers have determined that there is a link between reduced protein intake and a weak immune system. Protect yourself against diseases during your weight loss journey by increasing protein intake.

One important thing to realize is that although it plays an important role in weight loss, eating more protein alone will not automatically make you shed pounds. Just like carbohydrates and fats, excess consumption of protein will still lead to weight gain especially if it is not paired with exercise so make sure that you do some physical activities along with your increased protein intake.

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