The 7 Best Foods for Your Belly

Have you ever wondered which food in your diet can not only reduce your belly size, but also cause a soothing sensation in your stomach? So following are the list of food which should be incorporated in your diet. Furthermore, the research also shows that you can kick off bloating and feel more comfortable in your cloth by just changing your daily menu or diet.

7) Eating veggie

Green vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, etc are a rich source of folic acid, which halts fat storage in belly. From variety of vitamins to antioxidants, along with minerals helps you in losing weight and to burn fat more easily. The best thing about having vegetables in your diet is that you can eat bowls full of it again and again without worrying about calories. This is depicted from the fact that six plain crackers have the same calories as six cucumbers. All in all, it triggers the overall process of reducing your belly which can be helpful for your health in many ways.

6) Fiber-rich fruits

In recent studies, it has been found out that eating fiber rich food not only helps in losing your belly fat but also prevent weight gains. Apple, sweet potatoes, raspberries, strawberries is a rich source of fibre. On the other hand, fruits with equal proportion of glucose and fructose like grapes, orange and papaya are belly friendly keeping your belly healthy as they help in healthy digestion.

5) Probiotic yoghurt

A research shows that unbalanced bacteria ration in belly slows down metabolism, which can increase your belly size. To overcome this probiotic yoghurt should be used in the diet. This also helps to fight constipation. Likewise, you can add Greek yoghurt in your diet too.

4) Water

Avoid all carbonated and fizzy drinks and just add water to your diet. Having enough water in the body helps in assimilation and absorption of food helping you ease down constipation. So buckle up yourself with at least eight glasses of water because it’s not only free but also additive, salt and calorie free.

3) Lean proteins

If you are following a strict schedule of exercise with an aim to lose weight, then it’s vital to add lean proteins in your diet. Because it’s importance relate to the fact that you need to make more muscles when you burn fat and also triggers inflammation. So add this highly saturated fat in your diet like seafood, grilled chicken, legumes etc.

2) Low-fat dairy products

What can be classified as a wholesome food for your belly? The answer is low-fat dairy products to all the skimmed dairy products. This is really essential for your diet as you cannot skip the need for calcium in your body. These products are diet friendly as it will not make you fat, unlike whole-fat dairy products.

1) Nuts and seeds

From belly soothing fibre to energizing protein, a variety of nuts and seeds should be present in your diet as they are anti-inflammatory fats. You can include hazelnut, walnut, almonds, peanuts, sesame seeds, Chia seeds and flax seeds etc. In a nutshell, these seven friendly belly foods can change your overall look making you feel more confident.

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