10 Foods to fight aging and keep you lifted longer

With the passage of time, we all grow up and get entangled in the aging process. From sagging skin to weight gain, lower stamina to weak immune system. All these aspects help to make aging a reality. Following a healthy diet and eating muscle preserving food can help combat aging easily.

10) Yogurt

Being rich in calcium, yogurt has age-defying powers. It reduces the chances of age-related intestinal illness and maintain gut health.

9) Fish

A research showed that those native to Alaska were immune from heart disease. The reason found is the consumption of fish. Fish not only helps to prevent cholesterol, but also is good for the heart. You need to keep your heart in active form in order to stay healthier. Also, it lowers risk of Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

8) Nuts

Nuts usually contain these anti-oxidants which are necessary for the maintenance of internal Health. They are especially good for brain health. Adding to your diet is really critical as it contains not only proteins, but healthy fats and vitamins.

7) Berries

From Blueberries to blackberries, and all the way down to cranberries are rich in antioxidant compounds known as anthocyanin’s. Studies show that eating berries not only slow the growth of cancers, but improve brain function, muscle tone, and balance. All in all, it makes sure you are healthy and active.

6) Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in inflammatory monounsaturated fat and antioxidants. As a result, incorporating olive oil in the diet will result in a lower rate of cardiovascular disease and a decline in age-related cognitive. Aggregating it, it prevents all the age-related disease which hinders your energy.

5) Tomatoes

Tomatoes and certain other red fruits maintain youthful and glowing skin texture. Likewise, it reduces the risk of cancer like lung, prostate, and stomach. All in all, tomato not only make you look younger, but also fight deadly diseases.

4) Teas

From herbal to various types of teas, they contain the most EGCG, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Different studies prove that drinking tea, especially herbal can lower the chances of many diseases. Apart from that, on regular basis tea soothes mind and relaxes you so that you keep active all day.

3) Oats

Oats are revered as pre-workout fuel. It is a food that will power your gym session. In a study published in a magazine depicts about how eating oats before exercise has an important impact than those who don’t. Oats will help you to work out like a teen where your energy level will maximize just like you have drunk a red bull.

2) Ginger

Add ginger in your diet and consume daily if aches and pain have become a part of your life. It helps to reduce post-exercise muscle aches. In this way, you can work out without building fatigue. And can get more benefit from your workout session to stay healthy and active.

1) Cherry juice

Most people in older age complain about not getting enough sleep. We all know insufficient sleep gives way to more diseases. Try cherry juice which has melatonin in it. It will prove beneficial in improving sleep quality and duration. Likewise, it helps to combat hypertension and depression.

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