7 Reasons To Stop Using A Microwave Oven

You know what they say about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, we’ll this well known gadget might be the “frienemy” that you want to keep as far away as you can. After you read this you’ll understand why using a microwave oven is scarier than you might know. Here are 7 reasons to stop using a microwave oven right now!

7) Microwaves Destroys Nutrients

Microwave ovens use electromagnetics to cook food from the inside out unlike other cooking methods. Electromagnetics “agitate the water molecules inside the food which causes it to heat very fast. This process tears apart food molecules and changes amino acids which are the body’s protein building blocks into inactive forms that may actually be toxic causing nerve and kidney function and even cancer. Studies show that using a microwave oven to warm breast milk destroyed 98 percent of immune system boosting antibodies and microwaving fresh broccoli depleted more than 95 percent of its antioxidants!

6) Microwaves Negatively Affect Your Health

Microwave ovens emit invisible radiation into your home that can cause “Microwave Sickness” and can affect your heart rate, weaken your immune system, cause insomnia, headaches, dizziness, irritability, depression, vision problems and long term health issues. As a matter of fact, you are supposed to stand a certain amount of distance away from the microwave while it is on! This is in addition to the breakdown of food molecules caused when cooking with a microwave.

5) Microwaves Create Carcinogens

Carcinogens is a scary enough word and goes hand in hand with cooking food with a microwave oven. Especially when convenient plastic containers are used. Heat releases carcinogens, cancer causing chemicals like BPA, benzene and polyethylene and other harmful toxins into cooking food which you ingest into your body. So if you must use a microwave, do not use plastic containers and dishes. Glass containers are a safer alternative.

4) Microwaved Foods Effect Digestibility

Stomach problems are increasing in the United States, some causing deaths and it could be thanks to our love with microwaved and processed foods. A Journal of Food Science and Nutrition study found that baking, broiling, boiling and other traditional cooking methods produced no change in the food’s digestibility. Microwaved food reduced digestibility up to 25 percent.

3) Microwaves Can Disturb Our Brain

Here’s food for microwave thought. Studies show that microwaves cause disturbance in alpha, beta and delta brain wave patterns that result in memory loss, decreased concentration and emotional issues.

2) Microwaved Food Changes Our Blood

Swiss researchers found that the blood in people who ate microwaved milk and veggies changed unlike those who ate food prepared without a microwave oven. The study indicated that red blood cells and hemoglobin decreased while white cells and cholesterol levels increased. Heart rates were also effected in those eating microwaved foods.

1) Microwaves Deplete Life Energy

Uncooked foods contain life energy that is transmitted from the sun. Foods, especially vegetables and sun ripened fruits sustain all life forms including humans. Microwaving foods actually destroys this important “life energy” making the food unhealthy, low in nutritional value and absent of any health benefit. It really is true, that you are what you eat.

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