7 Things you didn’t know About Sleep

We all love sleeping now; however, when we were kids, we used to hate sleep and often loved to cry all night and wake our mothers up. Slumber parties and napping have always been a favorite enjoyment of every individual since they stepped into practical life. Some dislike being an insomniac and others love it. People of both extremities are found in the world; however, not many would know the things about sleep that I am about to disclose to you,

Insomnia is a condition where one cannot sleep, not to be mistaken with being awake deliberately. The record time of being awake for a constant period of time without getting a dash of sleep is about 264.4 hours. This record was set by a student known as Randy Gardner in 1964 that stayed up all the time.

As kids we tend to wake up all the time and check to see if our parents or guardians will stay awake with us. This has always been the norm of the world, where toddlers keep their parents up all night. What most of us do not know is the fact that during this battle of sleep, parents lose 700 hours on average of sleep in the child’s first year of sleep.

You have always been told to follow a routine where you get plenty of sleep, but you are never explained the reason; why is that so? It is because when we sleep our body goes through a process of producing important elements that prove to be extremely healthy to us. Initially, when we fall sleep our brain recharges. In the next step, the cells of our body begin to repair themselves. How fascinating and great is that? And after the cells have done the repairing, the body begins to release some important hormones which is also healthy for us.

It is actually wrong to say that we need 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleep duration differs for different age groups. As babies, we require 16 hours of minimum sleep. And from 19-55 years of age, we need at least 6-8 hours of sleep for a healthy body.

A dream is the most interesting part of sleep. Most people have dreamless nights, but those who have dreams will dream for a total of 40 minutes during their long hours of sleep. Woah! That was a shocker since most of us think we have been dreaming ever since we closed our eyes to sleep, but reality is far from what we think and contemplate.

Two third of a cat’s life is spent sleeping. And we thought we were the one who sleep a lot.

Most of our dreams are about the people that we’ve seen in our life. We may not recognize those faces. It has been suggested that our nightmares are because of the reason that we stay up late at nights

So, if you my friend, have an issue of this sort than sleep well and early. It is rightly said, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

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