6 Reasons You Should Buy The iPhone X

Apple’s flashiest flagship phone ever, the iPhone X is a big departure from older iPhone models. With its futuristic design, drool-worthy OLED screen and a new way to unlock your phone, the iPhone X promises to bring things to a whole new level. Sure, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cost hundreds of dollars less, but they do not offer a whole new unique iPhone experience like how the iPhone does. Here are X reasons you should buy the Iphone X.

6) The iPhone X has a bigger screen.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus only feature 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays respectively while the iPhone X boasts a massive 5.8-inch display screen that covers almost the entire face of the phone.


5) The iPhone X has a better display than both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.

As the first iPhone to feature an OLED screen (the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have LCD screens like the previous iPhones), the iPhone X promises to produce sharper and more accurate colors as well as deeper blacks. Also, unlike the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, the iPhone X’s display can support true HDR video playback.

4) The iPhone X offers a more secure and faster way to unlock your phone.

One of the best features of the new iPhone X is Face ID, a secure and powerful authentication system that is even more convenient than Touch ID. Using state-of-the-art cameras and sensors to create your unique facial map, Face ID enables your own face to become your very own secure password, making the process of unlocking your phone much more easier, faster and intuitive.

3) The iPhone X has a better selfie camera.

The iPhone X’s front-facing camera boasts three exclusive features: Portrait Lighting, a feature which enables you to remove the background from your selfie entirely; Portrait Mode Selfies, which beautifully blurs your selfie’s background; and Animoji, one of the phone’s quirkier and intriguing features, which enables you to create and send animated emojis that can actually mimic your facial expressions and voice.

2) The iPhone X’s rear cameras are way more better, too.

The iPhone X’s rear camera system has Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for both telephoto and wide angle lenses. Although the iPhone 8 Plus’s rear camera has a similar setup, it only has OIS for its wide angle lens. This means that the iPhone X is able to take clearer and sharper shots, even in low-light settings.

1) The iPhone X looks and feels like the future.

Although it is true that the iPhone 8 is technically an all-new design with its super strong glass on the front and back and a new gold color option, it still cannot beat the iPhone X’s full-glass front. This means that you get a 5.8-inch screen in a body that is no bigger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 8. Going for the minimalist route, the iPhone X no longer features a home button. All you need to do to go to the home screen is swipe up. The seamless rounded corners combined with the stainless steel band adds a touch of luxurious class, making this phone one of the most durable flagship phones available on the market. The iPhone X is also waterproof up to 3 feet (1 meter). This highest-end iPhone is also IP67 certified, which means that it is dust-resistant and water-resistant even when submerged up to a depth of 1 meter.


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